Bear Dukes Luxembourg presents


2020-10-16 19:00 - 23:45 @ Bar Rouge


This event has ended.

Event Details

Let's begin the Bear-Weekend with the OctoBEARfest! Come and share with our fellow bears some good drinks. For Bears AND Friends! Bring all your friends.

Don't forget to catch Mr. Bear 2020 to take a picture with him and share online with #bearpridelux

#COVID19 forced us to reinvent this event in something smaller, focus on local community and our direct neighbour instead of a true international event. But Luxembourg isn't already international after all? =≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠= Book your seats on our website and get a 10€ voucher to use on your drinks at the bar. =≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠=≠= Please be safe, don't come for hundreds of kilometers for us. We love you but we want you safe and following your government directive regarding the oncoming crisis. Also, consider checkout Luxembourgish regulation regarding COVID-19.

Part of Luxembourg BEARPRIDE 2020


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Bear Dukes Luxembourg

We are the Luxembourgish bear community. We started as a bunch of people (actually 2 mains and some other gravitating around them) that want to make the bear scene in Luxembourg being more visible, living, active, seen, sane. We did organize the first bear pride in Luxembourg in 2016, organizing the second one in 2017 and running the 3rd Mr. Bear Election for the first year.


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