Fairytails presents

Fairytails “Army of Love”

2021-10-02 22:00 - 03:00 @ Lenox club


This event has ended.

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Fairytails “Army of Love”

Le 2 Octobre au Lenox Club Luxembourg: le clubbing LGBTQ est de retour ! Covid Check (présentation du certificat de Test/Vaccin ou Auto-test a l'entrée. Pas besoin de masque une fois à l'intérieur) Fairytails revient avec la musique house pop-mix typique et les sons tribaux. DJ : José Sanchez et Xela. ft Thalia Garcia. Style cabaret gay. Sachez que les portes ouvrent à 22h00 et ferment à 15h00 dans le cadre des réglementations existantes en matière de pandémie. Places limitées ! Obtenez votre billet maintenant!

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It is in the heart of the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg, famous for its easy going lifestyle and animated population from all 4 corners of the globe, that a young associative collective “FairyTails” came together and decided to invigorate the city’s nightlife by organizing a new LGBT party with the simple motto: to offer you the best gay club experience in Luxembourg, in a warm and extravagant atmosphere, underlined by the best tribal house music and electro tunes mixed by international invited guest star DJs as well as residents.

Much more than just another party night, the FairyTails that come from the imagination of this LGBT group are real concepts in their own right. Crowned with success, these evenings are now well known beyond the borders of Luxembourg, with each new edition attracting an increasing number of a diverse and varied audience. FairyTails evenings stand out for their vibrant theme nights, directly inspired by popular culture.

Each of the FairyTails is unique with a specific dress-code. Get ready to dive into a universe where decadence and sensuality are omnipresent, and where you will quickly forget that good things must come to an end. Finally, FairyTails bring you the most beautiful gogos and drag queens in the country, to excite your senses and add a touch of eroticism to already unforgettable events. Take a step and join the magic found only in FairyTails.


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